Tennis Drills

Video on How to Keep Score in Tennis!

The Frying Pan

Hold the ball in your racket as seen in the video. Find a length to walk down while balancing the ball in your racket. Repeat the round trip 5 times.

The Dribble

Find a hard floor in your house, if there are none you can try using the garage floor. Dribble the ball as seen in the video. Try to start off slow and increase the speed of dribbling for about 10 increments/repetitions. 

The Bouncing Ball Racket Drill

Stand still anywhere in the house. Bounce the ball against your racket as seen in the video. Repeat 5 sets of 10 consecutive bounces. 

Wall Bounce

Use your right hand and lightly throw the tennis ball against a wall and catch the ball with the same hand. Repeat this 10 times and then switch to your left hand.

The Serve Toss Drill

Hold your racket with your right hand and toss the tennis ball with your left hand. Make sure the toss stays right in front of you and doesn’t stray to the left or right. Repeat this drill until you can get 5 tosses perfectly in a row.