2018 First Annual Camp

2018 The Parker Foundation for
Autism Adaptive Tennis Camp

Welcome to our 2018 First Annual Parker Foundation Adaptive Youth Tennis Camp for ASD children. After working with most of these children with ASD at the Annual Adaptive Tennis Clinic at the Kiwi Tennis Club during my 7th and 8th grades, I was devastated when this event could not continue due to lack of sponsorship. I knew the kids wanted something more ongoing and I did not want to let my students down so I decided to step up and initiated my own tennis camp which was hosted in 2018. My first tennis camp event where I devoted over 500 hours from its planning to its fruition, was an overwhelming but fulfilling experience. I had to learn marketing skills, starting with developing marketing flyers and event promotion through social media. I promoted a GoFundMe fundraising website that raised $2000 with over $500 in cash donations and also sponsorship of $1500 in court facilities and tennis equipment. This camp used both Fee Avenue and Suntree Country Club tennis courts, which were graciously donated for our use. Also, much thanks to The Parker Foundation for providing us with rackets and balls to use in our camp.
As a parallel effort to support the activities of The Parker Foundation, I helped form the Voice of Autism club in my school. Through this club, I rallied my peers to sign up as volunteers and tennis buddies for my tennis camp. While difficult at times, seeing the social difference that learning tennis had on these children with Autism was both heartwarming and inspirational. I hope you enjoy these highlights from our 2018 camp and look forward to our 2019 camp!!!

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